Hydra-Cell™ Pumps have a sealless design; they do not have cups, packing or mechanical seals. The are used for flow rates from fractional GPM up to 45 GPM for discharge pressures from 50 to 3000 PSI. Hydra-Cell pumps are ideal for pumping cryogenic, very hot, abrasive and reclaimed fluids that compromise traditional "sealed pumps".

Our Hydra-Cell™ pumps are positive displacement and unlike centrifugal, gear, air operated diaphragm and progressing cavity pumps, ours operate at >=90% efficiency. Furthermore, they are sealless, meaning they have no cups, packing or mechanical seals, and this provides you with long reliability and minimal maintenance costs.



Hydra-Cell™ pumps have a steady state accuracy of ±1% with a repeatability and linearity to 3% or better, satisfying API 675 metering pump performance standards and therefore are often used as a high capacity metering pumps.

P200 cutaway illustrationTo assist our customers with their metering applications and to help ensure maximum efficiency, the standard model F20, M03, D04, D10 and H25 Hydra-Cell™ pumps have been matched with a range of gearboxes and programmable pump controllers for precise flow adjustment, forming what we refer to as the P Series metering pump product line.

Compared to conventional, expensive metering pumps, the unique high frequency Hydra-Cell™ design results in very smooth flow rates and reduced acceleration head without costly accessories such as pulsation dampeners.



Hydra-Cell™ high pressure coolant pumps are sealless, meaning they do not have cups, packing or mechanical seals (the primary source of wear and maintenance for high pressure centrifugal and piston pumps). The inherent reliability of the Hydra-Cell™ design ensures minimal maintenance and down time.

Conventional coolant pumps require fine filtration, in some instances as low as 25 microns. Filtering coolants to that degree can remove the very additives that enhance their performance. Over-filtering your coolant also results in high filtration costs (media cost, storage, labor and disposal).

Hydra-Cell™ high pressure coolant pumps are generally protected with a 40 mesh (400 micron) screen or filter bag, so your filtration is not dictated by our pump but by whatever your rotary union or other system components require.


Stancor ANSI Centrifugal Pumps (Manufactured from solid Kynar or PTFE)

Stancor ANSI centrifugal pumps are designed to pump abrasive, corrosive and other types of aggressive industrial fluids with maximum reliability.

With flow rates up to 700 GPM and discharge pressures up to 350 feet, Stancor pumps are used for applications where comparable alloy pumps require frequent replacement or are otherwise too expensive.

Transfer of acids used in the textile, food, waste water treatment, paper making and primary metals industry are our most common applications. We area also used for lime slurry wet FGD gas scrubbing applications.

The Stancor series is available with either conventional mechanical seals and sealless mag-drive configuration.


Webster Non-Metallic Centrifugal Pumps (mechanically sealed)

The C5, C7 and C8 Series pumps are designed specifically for continuous chemical duty service. They are rugged, precision molded, and feature dynamically balanced, enclosed impellers. Units are available in CPVC (Corzan®), fiberglass reinforced Polypropylene, and PVDF (Solef® ) with ratings of 1/3, 1, and 1-1/2 horsepower. The standard mechanical seal is a John Crane Type 21 single seal, carbon/ceramic. Other seal materials are available depending on the process fluid. And, water-wash seals are available for especially aggressive or "crystallizing" liquids. Pump models are also available with a rugged cast iron bearing frame for belt-drive or other coupled drivers.


Webster Non-Metallic Centrifugal Pumps D and S Series

The D1 and DD1 are enhanced replacements of the durable SS1 series pump. The 1/8 HP motor with 1/2" diameter extended shaft and (4) precision machined pump mounting pads ensure trouble free performance for the more demanding industrial applications.Precision molded, dynamically balanced, semi-open impellers with a unique "tandem" design allow for its ability to operate against closed discharge valves. These rugged, chemical duty pumps are available in CPVC (Corzan®), fiberglass reinforced Polypropylene, and PVDF. Precision molded, dynamically balanced, "enclosed" impellers allow pumping of abrasive solutions and operating against closed discharge valves.


Webster Non-Metallic CeWebster Non-Metallic Centrifugal Pumps R Series (sealless mag-drive)

Webster non-metallic centrifugal pumps are designed specifically for pumping corrosive fluids or operating in a corrosive environment. Available in both mechanically sealed and mag-drive configurations, these centrifugal pumps are extremely efficient and eliminate metallic components in contact with the pumped fluid. Using the latest, patented pump technology, the Series R all-plastic, corrosion resistant pumps will stand up to the most aggressive, demanding industrial and commercial applications. From the heavy duty, thick wall, glass reinforced polypropylene or ETFE pump body construction, to the rugged epoxy painted motors, there is simply no better mag-drive plastic pump available. Every one of the Webster mag-drive pumps comes with an extended two year warranty.


Peristaltic Pumps for Industrial Applications

Vector peristaltic pumps are available with hose sizes from ½" to 2½" to provide flow rates from 0.1 GPM to 50 GPM for transferring fluids at pressures up to 60 PSI. Vector peristaltic pumps are used to transfer viscous, pure or other non-lubricating "difficult to pump fluids" such as egg yokes, custards, cold crèmes and chemicals from a holding tank to a processing line. Vector pumps have excellent suction lift capabilities.

Wanner Engineering, the innovative company that brought you the Hydra-Cell™ pump, has added another product to their industrial pump line - The Vector Peristaltic Pump.

When you use a Vector Pump, nothing comes into contact with the fluid except the hose material. Since hoses can be changed quickly without coming into contact with the pumped fluid, they are often used to transfer solids laden waste water, chemical slurries and other volatile fluids in a safe, reliable manner. Vector pumps are an excellent alternative to air operated diaphragm pumps. They do not require air, will not stall when run at low RPM's and operate equally well in both hot and cold weather. And just like the Hydra-Cell™, Vector pumps can be run dry!



Hydra-Cell™ pressure regulating valves bypass system fluid to prevent excess system pressure. When a system discharge is completely closed – such as a closed spray gun, closed valve or plugged nozzle – Hydra-Cell™ pressure regulating valves bypass the total system fluid flow. They also balance system pressure for multiple-orifice operations, essentially "regulating" the system pressure through bypassing of "excess" fluid.Internals of a C Series pressure regulating valve.

The Hydra-Cell™ Valve design is simple: a tapered plunger with a valve seat. When excess pressure overcomes the adjustable spring pressure on the plunger, the plunger lifts off the seat, allowing fluid to bypass and reduce system pressure. When a Hydra-Cell™ pressure regulating valve is mounted in the discharge line, its' modified flow-through design reduces wear on the plunger and seat. Baffles on either side of the plunger and seat extend life by directing the flow around these internal components.

The sealless design eliminate fugitive emissions leakage and is ideal for fluids containing particulate.

For service, simply remove the top of the body and replace the worn internal components. Hydra-Cell Valves can be serviced in place without removing any fittings or plumbing.

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